Trying Out Le Tote

I think the clothing rental subscription is a great idea. Not only can you mix up your wardrobe or try different styles/shapes/color combos without having to purchase a lot of items, you can also wear, for a limited time, pieces that you might not otherwise be able to afford (or at least not this many of them).

There are a couple different versions of this. You can do something like Rent the Runway, which allows you select one specific piece and pay a per-rental price for it, mostly for occasion things. And then there are services like Le Tote and Gwynnie Bee that are a monthly fee to have multiple pieces out at a time.

Gwynnie Bee is for sizes 10 and above, while Le Tote has sizes 0 up to 16, as well as maternity. I will do a separate post on Gwynnie Bee (which I have used in the past), but today I wanted to talk about Le Tote, which I am trying for the first time.

Note: this post is not sponsored or supported by Le Tote in any way, all opinions and editorial decisions are my own.

Signing up was pretty easy and fun. I filled out a couple of profiles around my style and sizes. You can also browse their current collections and mark (heart) things that you particularly like. Once your profiles are completed, you get an email letting you know that your tote has been put together. At that point you have 48 hours to log in to your account and change the things that are going to be in your tote – 2 accessories and 3 articles of clothing.

I ended up changing 4 of the 5 things they had picked out for me. I swapped out a blue plaid button down top, a pretty standard maroon cardigan, a jeweled cuff bracelet, and a pair of pave-set stud earrings. Here are the items I got, as pictured on the site.


Overall, I would say I was moderately happy with my tote. I ended up not even wearing the skirt, it’s a midi length and meant to hit at your natural waist, so I would have worn it as pictured below with heels and a tucked in top. (Looking at the photo makes me wish I had worn it!) The floral top is great, it hangs really nicely and is a lovely watercolor-esque print. I was very excited about the navy and white striped sweater, and while I liked it, I definitely didn’t love it. It might have been better as a spring pick.

Accessories-wise, the earrings are very cute, but I decided they’re not quite my thing. The bracelet was probably my favorite. I’ve always had a hard time wearing bracelets because I spend a lot of my day typing and usually end up taking of bangles and thick bracelets. This thin bracelet didn’t bother me at all and I find the not-quite-connected design interesting.


  • Try out styles you might not normally purchase
  • Try out higher-end brands before investing
  • If you do purchase, a lower price than brand new
  • You can customize your tote so you know exactly what you’re getting


  • You get 3 items of clothing and 2 accessories in each tote, I would rather have more clothes
  • You have to send everything back as a package to get another tote – no single-item returns
  • The price point

All in all, it was a fun experience, but I decided not to continue my subscription. I prefer to find pieces that I really love and then wear them a million times. And while the ability to add some non-permanent variety to your closet is nice, it’s not worth $59 a month to me. I would rather take that money and spend it on either fun trendy pieces I’ll wear for a season or two and then retire, or invest in some really great items I’ll keep forever.

What do you think about subscription boxes for clothing? Have you tried one? Yay or nay?

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