Hello my friends, and welcome to Effortlessly Dressed. I’m Kay and I like clothes. A lot. Other things I like a lot include books, good food, good coffee, my delightful husband, two awesome stepsons, and darling daughter and son.

I was a fashion disaster growing up. I was a tomboy and didn’t particularly care what I threw on in the morning. In school, I was more interested in books than gossip and boys. And then junior high happened. I got braces and for the first time I was noticing what the girls around me were wearing and how the boys were responding to them. The first day of high school was the real turning point for me. Over the summer between eighth grade and freshman year I had gotten my braces off, discovered how to style my previously unmanageable hair, and convinced my mom that I needed some new clothes to start high school.

I will never forget the moment in English class when the teacher taking attendance called my name and the girl in front of me, who was a cheerleader and I was pretty sure was just born lovely and put-together, whipped around and said, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t even recognize you, you look amazing.”

At that point, I realized the confidence that looking good and feeling good gives you. And over the years I’ve discovered that for me, liking the way I look in my clothes makes me more comfortable in my own skin. It makes me walk taller, project more confidence, and focus on being me an accomplishing the things I want to do in my life.

It’s been a journey to figure out what my style is. And it’s still evolving. But I do think that finding your “oh my gosh” moment can do wonders for your self-esteem. Even if you mostly find it in your own mirror.

So I hope that I can help you think about your clothes and the way you put yourself together. It makes a world of difference.

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