Wearing White: to See or Not to See (Through)

I’m a big fan of white clothing, but I have a little trouble maintaining that initial pristine condition. I am honestly kind of a clumsy person, so in wearing white it’s fairly likely that I will spill on myself, draw on myself, or lean up against a wall of wet paint. Okay, not that bad, but I’m pretty clumsy. So while I love the idea of wearing more white, I’m also a little scared of it.

The other challenge with white or other pale-colored clothes is that a lot of pieces are a little to a lot sheer. I’m the kind of girl who believes that my undergarments should stay invisible. Yes, we all know they’re there, but I don’t need to advertise. And when a top looks like it’s not supposed to be see-through, but is anyway, I always pass. But when I saw this top, I fell in love right away.

It is clearly supposed to be sheer, so I tried it on knowing that I would need to put a tank underneath it. The fabric is so thin that it drapes just beautifully. Plus the length means that I can wear it tunic-style like today, half tucked in to jeans or slacks, or tucked into and bloused over a skirt. Today I’m taking advantage of the white shirt as a canvas to show of this fun gold and turquoise necklace, and paired it with some great heels, which are easy to wear because they’re the only print in the outfit. I’m still not confident in my ability to keep this top clean, but I will certainly try my darnedest. (Yes, I said that)

What do you think? Do you shy away from see-through tops or is your closet full of white? 

4 thoughts on “Wearing White: to See or Not to See (Through)

  1. I shy away from see through tops and white generally too! You should not see my bra through my shirt and I eat chocolate all day:-), so it’s inevitable it’ll be on my shirt or pressed against the back of my white jeans (just bought these on clearance and love them)!


  2. I also don’t wear a lot of white because I’m clumsy and spill stuff on myself every single day. Love this outfit on you – it’s very flattering and effortless. I bought a nude (beige) bra not too long ago and it was an excellent investment. There are some blouses that will show a bra through but if you’re wearing a bra that’s a similar color to your skin, it doesn’t show. I’m a fan. Just a suggestion: would love to see a list of where you got each item of clothing 😉 like those amazing shoes and curious where you get your jeans also.

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    1. Yes I’ve been considering starting to list that 🙂 for this post, the top is Nordstrom Rack, the shoes are Vince Camuto from DSW (this season), and my jeans are from JCP, Stylus brand, ankle crop. I LOVE these jeans, super comfy, no gapping at the waist and no muffin top. I’ll edit the post to include links soon.


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