Layering Up + Summer to Winter Style

Baby it’s cold outside. FabFitFun’s post on Instagram last night said “I’m not going outside again until the temperature is above my age.” I wish. But in the meantime I’ll layer up with another day of #PSstylinghacks

On days when the temperature is under 20, not only is it frigid outside, but it’s pretty chilly inside the office too. I’ve been wearing tons of scarves this winter and this is one of my favorites.

I took these photos when it was still reasonable to stand outside for more than 15 seconds at a time, but I’m wearing the same outfit today (albeit with leggings as well!). Just as one season starts is a great time to find really good deals on the previous season’s items at your favorite stores. This particular (summer) sundress was an early fall purchase from Continue reading

PopSugar Must Have box + Graphic Tee

It’s a PopSugar kind of day around here! Continuing on with the #PSstylinghacks challenge, today we’re tackling graphic tees. Easy peasy as far as I’m concerned. I love a good graphic tee and with a more casual workplace, it’s so simple to dress it up for work. I’m also excited to share my December PopSugar Must Have box. This is the first time I’ve done a PopSugar box, so you can bet I’ve got thoughts on everything included.

Let’s start with the outfit! I picked a white tee with an elephant as my focal point. I love all things elephant but I definitely feel that it needs to be dressed up a bit wor work. Today I’ve paired it with a black pencil skirt, draped plum cardigan, and knee-high lace up boots to create a fun look that works at the office. The boots do keep the outfit on the more casual side, so to add more polish, swap them out for heels (and tights if it’s cold!)

Pinterest tells me that this would be the perfect opportunity for ankle boots. I do own an adorable heeled pair with a turned-down cuff, but I have never been happy with the way they look when I put them on. Sometimes there are styles that you can really admire on others, but just don’t work on you.

As far as the PopSugar Must Have box goes, this was a really fun thing to try out. As a PopSugar newsletter subscriber, I received a code for 50% off the December box, meaning I scored all of this great stuff for just $21.68 (after tax).

It arrived before Christmas, so I actually waited until after the holidays to open it up so I would have something else to look forward to. Here the adorable haul:

  • Catch all tray and ring dish – these are so gorgeous! They will grace my nightstand and definitely make it feel more luxurious.
  • Date night hair pins – cute for a little subtle sparkle
  • Red lips – a lovely cranberry red shade
  • Dessange hair serum – touted for colored hair, it’s supposed to add extra shine
  • Bauble Bar Snowflake Necklace – I like that this is both subtle and interesting
  • Cookie mix – a dozen delicious cookies in a jar!

You can see their article on the box for the full run down of brands, etc. 

As with Le Tote, I’m not sure that I’m willing to spend $40 a month for these delicious surprise goodies, but I’m seriously considering it. Typically my thought process is that I could take the amount of money and go buy myself presents I like better, but this is probably the best-curated box I’ve gotten with a great mix of home, beauty, and fashion items.

Have you ever tried PopSugar? Would you want to?

You can check out PopSugar’s styling hacks challenge article here.

Happy New Year and PopSugar Challenge

Hello my friends! A few people have asked what happened to the blog. My apologies! I got an exciting assignment for work and it was unusually busy (even for me) and I didn’t have too much extra time or energy. But I’m back and will be doing my best to post here on Wednesday and Friday mornings consistently, with maybe a few bonus posts thrown in! I will also post my OOTD or some sort of style-related inspiration to my Instagram account each day, so if you miss me too much you can follow me on Instagram @KayJMitchell.

I’m really excited to start the New Year with a fun idea from PopSugar–the styling hacks challenge! Continue reading

(Leopard) Sweater Weather

I’ve got to be honest, I might not have even tried with sweater on were it not for my friend Meg. I was on my own in the store when I saw this and I immediately heard her voice in my head, telling me it was amazing and that I needed to have it. It is very likely that Continue reading

Amazing T-Shirts at Target

I am not ashamed to admit that I love Target. They have some great stuff for pretty reasonable prices. (Plus their latest collaboration with Who What Wear is darling.) Last year they had a really great 3/4 sleeve boat neck t-shirt and I got it in 3 different colors. Just the other day I was wishing that I had picked up duplicates of some of those so that when they inevitably wear out, get stained, or get discolored from too many washes, that I would have replacements. And voilĂ !

When I went in to do some quick browsing yesterday I discovered Continue reading

Maroon Pants and Evolving Your Style

I have been wishing for a pair of maroon pants for so long and they are finally here! These are the exact same style and brand as the olive jeggings I wore earlier this week (JCP’s a.n.a. zip pocket). I debated in the dressing room for a while because there was a pair of Stylus ankle crop skinnies in a similar, but slightly darker, color. In the end I went with these because Continue reading

Black, White and Mint All Over

Day two of new JCPenney pants! You guys get a bonus post today because I had yesterday’s all written and then just never got around to putting it up. Today’s pair of jeans is a different brand, though the same cut as yesterday. These are the Stylus brand that I love so much (see the ankle crop jeans I wear nearly every day for evidence of this). I have to say that if I’m comparing today’s jeans to yesterday’s Continue reading