Maroon Pants and Evolving Your Style

I have been wishing for a pair of maroon pants for so long and they are finally here! These are the exact same style and brand as the olive jeggings I wore earlier this week (JCP’s a.n.a. zip pocket). I debated in the dressing room for a while because there was a pair of Stylus ankle crop skinnies in a similar, but slightly darker, color. In the end I went with these because I liked the color a little better. I also figured that I could wear these either full length in the fall and winter, or cuffed up like I have them today in the warmer months.

In what is definitely a pattern this week, I’m wearing these maroon (burgundy?) jeans with black and white, my favorite shirt and a black cardigan. I love how the color of the pant adds another dimension to an outfit that would look good with jeans as well. (Also, it became abundantly clear to me this morning that I need to figure out a good indoor setup for photos before winter gets here! This lighting…)

For shoes I went with my trusty leopard flats, though I also debated the high-heeled white sandals and solid tan flats, which I decided against for comfort and visual interest, respectively.

A note on skinny jeans: I am not skinny. I’m not fishing for compliments or looking for reassurance, I am making the point that there are not rules about what body size or weight you “should” have to wear a particular style. Are there certain styles that are more flattering to certain body types? Yes, absolutely. Are there certain styles that I avoid because of my body type and weight. Yes, there are. But I’ve learned to branch out, to push back against my assumptions of what will look good, and to experiment with different shapes of clothing to create different looks.

For instance, you will notice that typically when I am in skinny jeans, I am wearing a top that is a little more forgiving in terms of cut. But some days, when I’m feeling awesome, I will wear skinny jeans and a fitted top. It’s all about how your clothes make you feel and the style you want to project. I was thinking about this the other day when I bought 3 pairs of skinny jeans in one go. For a minute I was worried about committing myself so heavily to this one look, but then I reminded myself that they’re clothes, not a house or a car or even a haircut. I can replace them if and when my style preferences change. And they will.

For many of us, our style is always evolving, whether it’s the colors you like to wear, prints, the shape of your clothes, or the height of your heels. Don’t let your preconceived notions about yourself or your clothes keep you from trying something new or evolving your style to become a different version of what it is today.

When is the last time you changed your look or thought intentionally about your style? How would you describe your style right now?

  • Jeans: JCP
  • Top: Target (old)
  • Sweater: Nordstrom Rack (old) (similar)
  • Shoes: Breckelle’s (21 colors on Amazon)

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