Amazing T-Shirts at Target

I am not ashamed to admit that I love Target. They have some great stuff for pretty reasonable prices. (Plus their latest collaboration with Who What Wear is darling.) Last year they had a really great 3/4 sleeve boat neck t-shirt and I got it in 3 different colors. Just the other day I was wishing that I had picked up duplicates of some of those so that when they inevitably wear out, get stained, or get discolored from too many washes, that I would have replacements. And voilà!

When I went in to do some quick browsing yesterday I discovered that they have brought the shirt back for a second year. I promptly grabbed another solid black one, this is such a great staple in my wardrobe. The fit is great – it’s fitted without clinging, has plenty of stretch, and really holds its shape. Plus the fabric is nice and thick, which makes it a little more forgiving.

After picking up one replacement, I also got 3 new patterns/colors. Navy with white stripes, white with black stripes which I am wearing today (and I got two of each of these), and a maroon with white stripes. The shape and fit of these shirts is so great that I know I will want to be wearing them for years after Target is no longer stocking them. I don’t often buy duplicates of things because when you have to retire a piece, you get to shop for a new one, which is fun! But these are so timeless, I know I won’t regret it, particularly at $12 a shirt.

Today it’s fall for sure, barely breaking 60. I’ve paired the black and white striped top with olive jeans, cuffed up a bit to show off the ankle straps on the white heels. Hey, it’s fall, not winter! A red floral scarf keeps to the more muted, earthy palette of the outfit while pulling in another print and some color.

Do you have any pieces you wish you’d bought two of? Or items that you do buy multiples?

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