Asymmetric Hemlines

You know how most of the time when you try on clothes, you look in the mirror, check yourself from a few angles, think, “yeah, okay, this looks good,” and add it to your “probably going to buy it” pile. But sometimes, every now and then, you put something on and as soon as you pull it into place you know that this is the perfect thing and wonder where it has been your whole life? That is exactly how I felt about this top when I tried it on this weekend. 

I am not usually drawn to asymmetric hemlines unless there is a really great print involved (like this skirt or this dress) but as soon as I saw the mocha-colored layer at the bottom I knew I wanted to try this on. There is just something incredibly appealing about the black and this rich, creamy brown together in one shirt. And then the fit was perfect as well. I love the way that, just like yesterday’s top, it floats away from my stomach to creat a smooth line, but isn’t boxy, so I still have a nice shape in it.

Today I’ve paired it with ankle crop jeans and black pumps  (with adorable bows), but it would also look great with jeans and leopard print heels, black leggings and ankle boots, or white skinny jeans and strappy heels. Or you could go very summer boho and wear it with wide-legged white linen trousers and gladiator sandals. Not a look I would try to pull of, but it could look very elegant with some delicate gold jewelry.

How would you wear a top like this?

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