PopSugar Must Have box + Graphic Tee

It’s a PopSugar kind of day around here! Continuing on with the #PSstylinghacks challenge, today we’re tackling graphic tees. Easy peasy as far as I’m concerned. I love a good graphic tee and with a more casual workplace, it’s so simple to dress it up for work. I’m also excited to share my December PopSugar Must Have box. This is the first time I’ve done a PopSugar box, so you can bet I’ve got thoughts on everything included.

Let’s start with the outfit! I picked a white tee with an elephant as my focal point. I love all things elephant but I definitely feel that it needs to be dressed up a bit wor work. Today I’ve paired it with a black pencil skirt, draped plum cardigan, and knee-high lace up boots to create a fun look that works at the office. The boots do keep the outfit on the more casual side, so to add more polish, swap them out for heels (and tights if it’s cold!)

Pinterest tells me that this would be the perfect opportunity for ankle boots. I do own an adorable heeled pair with a turned-down cuff, but I have never been happy with the way they look when I put them on. Sometimes there are styles that you can really admire on others, but just don’t work on you.

As far as the PopSugar Must Have box goes, this was a really fun thing to try out. As a PopSugar newsletter subscriber, I received a code for 50% off the December box, meaning I scored all of this great stuff for just $21.68 (after tax).

It arrived before Christmas, so I actually waited until after the holidays to open it up so I would have something else to look forward to. Here the adorable haul:

  • Catch all tray and ring dish – these are so gorgeous! They will grace my nightstand and definitely make it feel more luxurious.
  • Date night hair pins – cute for a little subtle sparkle
  • Red lips – a lovely cranberry red shade
  • Dessange hair serum – touted for colored hair, it’s supposed to add extra shine
  • Bauble Bar Snowflake Necklace – I like that this is both subtle and interesting
  • Cookie mix – a dozen delicious cookies in a jar!

You can see their article on the box for the full run down of brands, etc. 

As with Le Tote, I’m not sure that I’m willing to spend $40 a month for these delicious surprise goodies, but I’m seriously considering it. Typically my thought process is that I could take the amount of money and go buy myself presents I like better, but this is probably the best-curated box I’ve gotten with a great mix of home, beauty, and fashion items.

Have you ever tried PopSugar? Would you want to?

You can check out PopSugar’s styling hacks challenge article here.

Comfortable But Work Appropriate

Today I needed something that was both comfortable and nicely work-appropriate. I am moving a bunch of things around at work today, so I wanted something I could move in, and also to be layered up so that as I got too warm (inevitable), I would be able to shed a layer and still look nice.

My favorite pair of jeans and this white top with tiny black bird print are a great base. The plum colored cardigan is my layering piece. Every time I put this sweater on I am reminded of how much I love this color. Leopard flats are both practical and fun. And then my pocket watch necklace means my outfit still has some depth, even if I ditch the sweater for a bit.

I feel like I used to have a lot of misconceptions about what was “comfortable.” In college, that meant pjs–sweatpants and a hoodie. When I worked at State Farm, where the dress code was business-dress only, suddenly putting on jeans at the end of the day felt luxurious. Now I think it’s pretty easy to buy jeans that wear nicely and are comfy (thanks to all that stretch). I’ve also reevaluated what I need to be “comfortable.” I’m generally a lot happier when I know that something looks nice on me which, let’s be honest, is probably not yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I am probably most comfortable in some stretchy jeans and a fun, fitted t-shirt.

How about you? What are your go-to comfortable clothes?

Pretty Prints and Structured Tops

Are there any items in your closet that you feel are “special”? I absolutely love this top, but I rarely wear it because I seem to have convinced myself that it is something to be worn for a special reason. I got it years go when I first started attending trade shows for work and would only wear it for that. Now I’m trying to adjust my thinking about it and wear it for just the normal day-to-day.

Today I’ve paired it with a pair of dark wash boot cut jeans, a purple sweater (since it’s so chilly at work), and a pair of sparkly grey flats. The print and construction of the neckline are practically an accessory in and of themselves, so I chose not to wear a necklace with this outfit.

I do love this top, but it’s not as forgiving as I would like it to be. Something with structure worn as a completed piece, like a blazer, will often help to camouflage problem areas and can help create a nice shape (small waist, flare out at the hips). A top like this can do the same, but because it is a thinner material and worn closer to the body, things like a stray belt loop, or a little muffin top are more likely to be visible. 

The answer? Make sure you are wearing pants that fit well and don’t create extra bulges. In fact, this top in particular is really better worn with slacks. And be sure to get the top in question in the right size. Does it fit at the shoulders, bust, waist and hips? Also be sure to turn around and check the fit across the back, a shirt or dress that is ill-fitting may pull too tight at the level of your bra, or could fold and gather in the small of you back. Both of these mean that you don’t have the right fit and should probably try the next size up. 

When you shop for a fitted top or dress, fit is so important. Unless you know that you will take it to the tailor (and it’s something a tailor can fix!) don’t buy clothes that don’t fit quite right, no matter how much you like the color/print/fabric. They will end up sitting in your closet because you will always look better in something that fits properly!

Mint Flats and Circle Skirts

It’s day 2 of my meetings so while I’m keeping my look more dressed up, I decided to go with something a little less corporate than yesterday. I knew I wanted to wear this dress, then really built the rest of the outfit around my necklace. Continue reading