Favorite Blogs

There are a lot of blogs that I love and look to often for inspiration, here are a few of my favorites!

J’s Everyday Fashion – J started out her blog by finding inspiration photos from Pinterest and catalogs, then recreating them with pieces from her own closet. She posts daily which is great if you’re needing some inspiration!

Putting Me Together – This is a great blog for fashion beginners, she shares a lot of great ideas for putting outfits together. My favorite thing that she does is her 3 Ways series, where she shows how to wear an item in 3 different ways.

Jules In Flats – While I have been following the other two for several years, I discovered Jules In Flats more recently. She does post a little less frequently, but I love the variety of outfits she shows and her style is fun.

A Curated Style – This is a pair of gentlemen blogging about men’s style. Their posts are so well put together and well thought out that it makes me jealous. They tips they share for guys can also be applied for women (or our significant others!) and getting a different perspective can be inspiring. Plus, they’re just really classy dressers! They’re also on Instagram as @acuratedstyle Definitely recommended.

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