Clothing Swap Emails and Invitations

Here are the three emails I used when i hosted my clothing swap. Feel free to copy and modify for your own swap party! Obviously these are written in my voice, so you can also just use them for inspiration.

Initial Invitation

Hello my friends!

The delightfully put-together [insert friend’s name here] clued me in this fall to a wonderful idea: the clothing swap. Now, even though I’m pretty good at paring down my closet, I still have a number of things that are lovely and for whatever reason I just never wear (some even still have tags on). Maybe I couldn’t resist a good deal, maybe I wore it twice and realized that peach is NOT my color, or maybe impulse buying a teal moto jacket is something I should avoid in the future.

Either way, I’m willing to bet that almost all of you have a few items of gently used or never used clothing, handbags, jewelry, or other accessories in your closets. So let’s swap!

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Each person will bring at least 5 items to swap. All items should be in good condition, clean, pressed, no stains, etc. Please feel free to bring as many items as you would like, 5 is going to be the minimum just to make sure we have a good variety for everyone to choose from.
  2. When you arrive, you’ll get a ticket for each swappable item you bring in. You’ll then get to pick the same amount of items to take home with you.
  3. Once everyone had arrived, the items have been sorted, and we all have an adult beverage, the swapping will begin! We will chose items one at a time and go in snaking rounds (similar to a fantasy football draft pick) so that everyone has a fair shot at items they want.
  4. We all go home with great new clothes and accessories – and we get to compliment each other on our terrific new finds at work. Plus we get a great little closet refresh – for free!

Here are the categories we will be swapping:

  • Tops (casual or dressy)
  • Bottoms (slacks, jeans, skirts)
  • Dresses
  • Blazers and cardigans
  • Outerwear
  • Bags and purses
  • Accessories of all sorts (scarves, necklaces, bracelets, watches, etc)
  • Don’t worry about sizes – you never know how someone else likes their clothes to fit, and accessories are a terrific one-size-fits-all proposition

I’ll send out reminders and tips as we get closer to the date. Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you’ll all be able to join – and let me know if there’s anyone else we should add to the invite list.


[Your Name Here]

The First Follow-Up

Hi lovely ladies!

Hopefully you’re all considering your closets and deciding what to bring! Here are a few tips in case you’re having trouble:

  • Don’t worry about seasonality! First of all, we live in Chicago – winter today is summer tomorrow. Secondly, I suspect we’re all pretty good at layering to make that cute tank top or summer dress work to bring a pop of color into a winter wardrobe. (Inspiration photo)
  • Great outerwear is something we’re always looking for, so if you’ve got a nice coat in good condition that’s just hanging out in your closet (ha ha), bring it to swap! (Inspiration photo)
  • Look at your accessories. Do you have a necklace you always plan to wear, but never do? Maybe it’s time to swap it for something fabulous you’ll get a lot of mileage from. (Inspiration photo)
  • Don’t be afraid to let things go. As Marie Kondo says, “does it spark joy?” If you’ve been holding on to something because you WANT it to work for you, maybe it’s time to swap it for something that DOES work for you.

Now go shop your closet for your swap picks!!

If you would like to give me your items ahead of the swap, I will be more than happy to store them until the party. I would actually prefer that because it will make day-of prep a bit easier for me, but I’m good either way!

Xo, [Your Name Here]

Final Reminder and Shopping Tips

Get Ready to Shop!

Just 1 week left until our swap party and I’m super excited! I have hangers, I have wine, I even have a fitting room set up with mirrors so people can try things on. Are you ready?!

Make yourself a little shopping list to get the most out of the swap. Sure, you don’t know exactly what will be there but a wish list of things like “statement necklace with coral or mint,” “top with fun detailing,” or even “great weekend items” will help you get in the right frame of mind to get the most out of the swap!

To give you just a little sneak peek – here are some of the things I will be contributing to the swap!

[insert photos here]

See you next week!

Xo, [Your Name Here]