Layering Up + Summer to Winter Style

Baby it’s cold outside. FabFitFun’s post on Instagram last night said “I’m not going outside again until the temperature is above my age.” I wish. But in the meantime I’ll layer up with another day of #PSstylinghacks On days when the temperature is under 20, not only is it frigid outside, but it’s pretty chillyContinue reading “Layering Up + Summer to Winter Style”

Pink Shoes and a Lovely Boutique

So many exciting things to share today, not the least of which are these lovely hot pink flats. Too much fun! I have also discovered a lovely boutique that recently opened in my town and have a new cardigan and necklace to show off. First, the shoes! I mentioned putting a pair of hot pinkContinue reading “Pink Shoes and a Lovely Boutique”

Outfit Of The Day: Leopard In Summer

Friends! It’s my first outfit of the day post. I can’t promise to post one every day, but I’ll do my best to share the good stuff with you. Also, thank you in advance for your patience as I try to figure out how to take good pictures of myself! Today’s outfit actually started outContinue reading “Outfit Of The Day: Leopard In Summer”