Layering Up + Summer to Winter Style

Baby it’s cold outside. FabFitFun’s post on Instagram last night said “I’m not going outside again until the temperature is above my age.” I wish. But in the meantime I’ll layer up with another day of #PSstylinghacks

On days when the temperature is under 20, not only is it frigid outside, but it’s pretty chilly inside the office too. I’ve been wearing tons of scarves this winter and this is one of my favorites.

I took these photos when it was still reasonable to stand outside for more than 15 seconds at a time, but I’m wearing the same outfit today (albeit with leggings as well!). Just as one season starts is a great time to find really good deals on the previous season’s items at your favorite stores. This particular (summer) sundress was an early fall purchase from Continue reading

Pink Shoes and a Lovely Boutique

So many exciting things to share today, not the least of which are these lovely hot pink flats. Too much fun! I have also discovered a lovely boutique that recently opened in my town and have a new cardigan and necklace to show off.

First, the shoes! I mentioned putting a pair of hot pink pumps back on the shelf at the store a few weeks ago, Continue reading

Hi-Low Skirts and Heeled Sandals

Have you ever gotten something and immediately thought, “I never realized how much I need this in my life.”? That’s how I feel about Continue reading

Wrap Dress, Kimono Style

My friend Shana reprimanded me this morning for going so longe between posts, so Shana, I’m sorry!

Today’s look centers around one of my very favorite dresses. I got this dress about 10 years ago on a college trip to Austria. Continue reading

Mint Flats and Circle Skirts

It’s day 2 of my meetings so while I’m keeping my look more dressed up, I decided to go with something a little less corporate than yesterday. I knew I wanted to wear this dress, then really built the rest of the outfit around my necklace. Continue reading

Surprise! Old Navy Shift Dress


With my figure (and my particular problem areas) I tend toward A line silhouettes. I have discovered that, when it comes to dresses, emphasizing my curves works better than trying to hide them so a shift dress like this would normally be right out. Continue reading