Layering Up + Summer to Winter Style

Baby it’s cold outside. FabFitFun’s post on Instagram last night said “I’m not going outside again until the temperature is above my age.” I wish. But in the meantime I’ll layer up with another day of #PSstylinghacks

On days when the temperature is under 20, not only is it frigid outside, but it’s pretty chilly inside the office too. I’ve been wearing tons of scarves this winter and this is one of my favorites.

I took these photos when it was still reasonable to stand outside for more than 15 seconds at a time, but I’m wearing the same outfit today (albeit with leggings as well!). Just as one season starts is a great time to find really good deals on the previous season’s items at your favorite stores. This particular (summer) sundress was an early fall purchase from Old Navy and only cost $5 on clearance. While we are well past sundress weather it is so easy to bring a great sundress into fall or winter by layering up!

I’ve added a cardigan, a cozy scarf, and boots to this sundress in the photos. As I mentioned, today I’m also wearing brown leggings to keep warm, so lots of layers, but not bulky ones.

Because the skirt of this dress has some volume to it and I’m wearing a chunkier scarf, I chose a close-fitting cardigan that would help show off my shape a bit. If I were to wear a sheath dress or pencil skirt silhouette, I might go with a nice chunky sweater for some juxtaposition, but I felt that would add too much bulk today. Finishing off my outfit are my boots, which serve the double purpose of keeping my legs warm and being fun and awesome. I think I’m in the market for some new brown riding boots in a camel color, but these are a nice playful addition to an outfit that might otherwise have been too sweet.

What are you favorite summer-to-winter looks?

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