Comfortable But Work Appropriate

Today I needed something that was both comfortable and nicely work-appropriate. I am moving a bunch of things around at work today, so I wanted something I could move in, and also to be layered up so that as I got too warm (inevitable), I would be able to shed a layer and still look nice.

My favorite pair of jeans and this white top with tiny black bird print are a great base. The plum colored cardigan is my layering piece. Every time I put this sweater on I am reminded of how much I love this color. Leopard flats are both practical and fun. And then my pocket watch necklace means my outfit still has some depth, even if I ditch the sweater for a bit.

I feel like I used to have a lot of misconceptions about what was “comfortable.” In college, that meant pjs–sweatpants and a hoodie. When I worked at State Farm, where the dress code was business-dress only, suddenly putting on jeans at the end of the day felt luxurious. Now I think it’s pretty easy to buy jeans that wear nicely and are comfy (thanks to all that stretch). I’ve also reevaluated what I need to be “comfortable.” I’m generally a lot happier when I know that something looks nice on me which, let’s be honest, is probably not yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I am probably most comfortable in some stretchy jeans and a fun, fitted t-shirt.

How about you? What are your go-to comfortable clothes?

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