OOTD and The Death of The Pink Flats

Alas! My delightful bright pink flats have already died. I had purchased a pair of leopard flats through Jane.com for $15, then saw the same deal pop up again and picked up these pink guys. The brand is actually Continue reading

(Leopard) Sweater Weather

I’ve got to be honest, I might not have even tried with sweater on were it not for my friend Meg. I was on my own in the store when I saw this and I immediately heard her voice in my head, telling me it was amazing and that I needed to have it. It is very likely that Continue reading

Amazing T-Shirts at Target

I am not ashamed to admit that I love Target. They have some great stuff for pretty reasonable prices. (Plus their latest collaboration with Who What Wear is darling.) Last year they had a really great 3/4 sleeve boat neck t-shirt and I got it in 3 different colors. Just the other day I was wishing that I had picked up duplicates of some of those so that when they inevitably wear out, get stained, or get discolored from too many washes, that I would have replacements. And voilà!

When I went in to do some quick browsing yesterday I discovered Continue reading

Maroon Pants and Evolving Your Style

I have been wishing for a pair of maroon pants for so long and they are finally here! These are the exact same style and brand as the olive jeggings I wore earlier this week (JCP’s a.n.a. zip pocket). I debated in the dressing room for a while because there was a pair of Stylus ankle crop skinnies in a similar, but slightly darker, color. In the end I went with these because Continue reading

Black, White and Mint All Over

Day two of new JCPenney pants! You guys get a bonus post today because I had yesterday’s all written and then just never got around to putting it up. Today’s pair of jeans is a different brand, though the same cut as yesterday. These are the Stylus brand that I love so much (see the ankle crop jeans I wear nearly every day for evidence of this). I have to say that if I’m comparing today’s jeans to yesterday’s Continue reading

Olive Pants, Fall Colors

Colored pants have been at the top of my shopping list for a while now, but this weekend I finally made it a priority to go out and find some. And I’m so glad I did! I did quite get everything I was looking for, and I ended up with a few extra things, but I think they will be valuable additions to my closet!¬† Continue reading

Leggings and Colored Pants

One of the top items on my shopping list right now is colored pants. I haven’t had too much time to shop lately, but as fall approaches (#psl) I’m hoping to find a few great pairs in maroon, grey, and possibly white. In the meantime, I’m satisfying my desire for colored pants with leggings. 

There are things that I really like about wearing leggings as pants: they’re very comfy, they won’t stretch out with wear, and they’re pretty inexpensive so you can experiment with different colors with only a small investment. There are some challenges too though: if you wear them with boots, you’re likely to get some pilling that you wouldn’t experience with jeans, they’re not as forgiving as jeans, and (for myself at least) you’re always wearing them with tunic-style tops, which limits your outfit options. So more pros than cons in my book, but leggings can’t replace a great colored jean entirely for me.

Today I’ve reversed out this outfit and gone with a black tunic top over these red leggings. I think just the color change makes it a more polished outfit, plus this top has a great contrasting texture on the cuffs and collar. I’m wearing it with black heels and a gold tassel necklace today, but you could easily do a flat, either in black or grey or leopard for a more walkable outfit (or if you just don’t like heels!)

Where do you fall on the leggings as pants question?

Leggings – ordered online through Jane.com

Top – (old) Nordstrom Rack

Shoes – (last year) Franco Sarto from DSW

Necklace – (old) JFA show