Basic, But Not Boring

For the last week and a half, I have been extremely busy with work + home things, but it’s looking like this week will be settled enough that I can get some posting done! I love today’s outfit. The grey and yellow combination is one of my favorites (though InStyle tells me that I should be calling this color “saffron”), these dark wash Denizen jeans (from Target) are both comfy and flattering, and leopard print flats and a pendant necklace with a pearl and gold tassel add some punch to a pretty basic outfit.

One of the great things about an outfit of basics is that it really is a great canvas for experimenting with mixing prints, color combinations, or highlighting a really great pair of shoes or accessory. Against the backdrop of a basic outfit in mostly muted colors, your accessories will stand off a lot more. (In this post I toned down my accessories specifically to draw attention to the shoes?) If it were chillier, I would add a fun multi-colored scarf that has the same tone as the top and sweater.

Even if you’re not playing around with prints and bold accessories, wearing basic pieces in solid colors together is far from boring. I find that a lot of the outfits I pin have a similar look. It just feels clean and classy to me. I love prints as well though! (As you’ve seen)

Which do you prefer, lots of solids, or some prints mixed in?

2 thoughts on “Basic, But Not Boring

  1. Hey, I’ve definitely been missing your posts over the last week! As I’m developing my style wants list, still wondering where to find some comfortable leopard flats! What brand are you wearing and what store are they from?


    1. The brand is Breckelle’s and I actually got them from, which is a deals site for clothes and home goods. They were very inexpensive, but I don’t think I would recommend them. The support on the heel portion isn’t good, so I’ve basically squashed the back s of them down just by walking in them. I wear an 8, but by this point these for like an 8.5, which isn’t super helpful. I think that both Sole Society and ModCloth have some cute ones though. And hopefully DSW will have a few styles in the fall turn!


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