Florals, Stripes, and Finding Your Style

I do love a nice floral and stripes combo and this is one of my favorite floral tops, which I’ve paired here with striped flats. I’ve once again added a sparkly pearl necklace, it just seems to go so well with these shoes!

At lunch yesterday I was talking with some friends and we were discussing the concept of things that “match” vs. things that “go.” The beauty of mixing prints is that they can’t match, so you don’t even have to worry about it! A floral and a stripe will nearly always look good together. If you are a little nervous about mixing patterns, choose prints that share color tones or color palettes. In this look, navy is a common element that easily ties these two prints together. Add in the fact that these two prints are separated by a solid-colored pant, and this is a very easy-to-wear outfit.

Of course, I say that now, several years after I really started paying a lot of attention to clothes and how things fit together. I started out watching What Not To Wear when I was in college, then began following a few fashion blogs here and there, created Pinterest boards to help me focus on the style I want to have, and continue to try new things. It can feel overwhelming at first, but it’s a lot of fun once you get into it.

Start small, use Pinterest to help you figure out what kind of look you want your wardrobe to have. This is easier than you might think. Just start pinning things that you really like and would love to see yourself wearing. After you have a couple dozen pins, scroll back through them and look for patterns – I’m betting you’ll spot some pretty quickly. Do you see a lot of stripes on you board? Or florals? Mixing prints? Maybe there are a couple of colors that pop up again and again. Perhaps you start to notice that you’ve pinned a lot of preppy outfits, or boho ones. Even for those of us who have been thinking about our personal style for a long time, this can be a useful tool to help you focus your shopping and maybe even identify when your style is changing or evolving.

What are your biggest fashion challenges or concerns?

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