Feathered Skirt and Getting Un-Bored With Your Closet

Hello my dears! After a long weekend at the lake and a crazy day yesterday, I’m back. The last time I wore this feather print skirt, I chose a white tank and dark shoes. Today I’m switching up my color scheme with a darker rust-colored tank and these fun blush flats. Like the last outfit, I’m still wearing a layered necklace (though a different one this time.)

One of the fun things about a smaller wardrobe is finding ways to Mix and match the items you do own to create new outfits. Whether your wardrobe is small by choice, because of limited clothing funds, or because you have recently changed sizes, you do have something to wear.

But with a smaller wardrobe there is a definite possibility of running into “bored with my closet” syndrome. Here are a few ways to shake that feeling:

Try Something Different

Put together an outfit from you closet that you wouldn’t normally wear. Whether that’s mixing patterns in a new way, trying a monochromatic outfit, or playing with a combination of shapes in your style, mixing up your own clothes can help get you out of a rut.

Swap With A Friend

Have a friend whose clothes you admire who wears about the same size as you? Suggest borrowing some of the pieces you like best from each other’s closets for a week. This is a great no-cost way to play with some new things. You should be sure that this is a friend you trust to keep your things nice and return them!

Add Accessories

Use your accessories to add more depth and fun to your outfits. And try wearing them in different ways. Layer two statement necklaces together over a t-shirt. Wear a belt over your cardigan. Tie your scarf to your purse, or even drape it around yourself as a wrap.

Get Some Pinspiration

I have multiple board on Pinterest dedicated to clothes, but the two I use the most are “Current Shopping List” where I keep images of things I know I’m looking to add to my wardrobe as soon as I find them, and “My Outfits and Inspiration” where I pin outfits that incorporate pieces I already have. This second board is a great resource for looking at your current clothes in a new way or reminding yourself of a style you wanted to try.

Buy Something Inexpensive and Fun

Boredom is not a good time to try to add an investment piece to your wardrobe, but an inexpensive statement necklace, scarf, neon bag, or trendy top can give you a shot of energy around getting dressed. Check the clearance sections in your favorite stores, or check out places that are known for being tendy and inexpensive like Charmin’ Charlie or Forever 21. Even H&M will have good deals on fun things.

Having just come through my own “bored with my closet” funk, I tried all of these and more. Now I’ve added a few new things to my closet, but I’m mostly wearing the same things I always have and looking at them with new eyes.

What is your favorite way to get out of a clothing rut?

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