Mixing Prints: Striped Shoes Day 2

Yesterday was the debut of my new striped shoes and they are making a second appearance today as I try to figure out my favorite way to wear them. And also because my friend Kanisha said she was trying to figure out the same thing with the striped wedges she just bought!

My last outfit was preppy with a trendy twist (a big pearl necklace with rhinestones). Today I’ve gone with something very laid back and added a floral scarf for an additional print plus a long necklace for depth.

I didn’t worry too much about trying to match the colors of my outfit to my footwear. I am essentially wearing the striped shoes the same way I would wear leopard shoes – as a patterned neutral – and mixing them with a floral is a fun way to mix patterns. Like I’ve mentioned before, shoes and accessories (like scarves) are a great way to mix in prints or trends (like tassels) in a more subtle way. If you’re not into an all-over print, a scarf is a good way to work a print into your look.

Which do you prefer? All-over prints or subtle accents?

3 thoughts on “Mixing Prints: Striped Shoes Day 2

  1. Ooooo…. I love this outfit and I would never think to do florals and stripes, and I love it! So, nautical shoes as a neutral, I have to get that through my head and it’s not all about being matchy matchy!


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