Feeling Nautical: Fab Flats From Target

While killing time in Target the other day, I had a shopping moment that felt too serendipitous to ignore. After picking up a copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I wandered over to the shoe section where I scored these adorable flats at on clearance for only $16! They were the only pair in this style on the shelf and they just happened to be my size. It’s not like I had a choice at that point.

My initial thought was to pair them with a floral (which you will see soon, I’m sure), but I needed to be a bit dressier for work today than the outfit I had originally planned. For some reason navy and white stripes always feel nautical to me, so I decided to stick with the yachting theme with a white tank, navy cardigan, and some flashy pearls, both on my necklace and my ring. I’m ready to sail away anytime now!

I love how you can mix up a classically preppy theme by changing the shape of the clothing you wear, or putting a trendy twist on a traditional accessory – like my pearl and rhinestone necklace instead of a single strand of pearls. Here are a few more fun takes on preppy stripes (inspiration via Pinterest):

What is your favorite way to wear a preppy stripe?

3 thoughts on “Feeling Nautical: Fab Flats From Target

  1. Totally have some nautical wedges with a round toe and in the store I was like I have to have these, but don’t know what in the world to wear them with!! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with to rock them with!


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