Shirt Remix and Shopping for Pants

I really love how cool and summery this outfit feels. The very light material of the top plus the bright pop of color from the shoes is a fun but still professional combination.

You guys have seen this top before, like with this floral pencil skirt. There I wore it tucked in for a blousy and polished appearance. Here I’ve left it untucked for a more laid-back look. The bright pink shoes and teal elephant necklace add some nice summer color to a neutral base outfit.

I think my next shopping mission is going to be some new pants!  I have several colors of leggings, which are great, but are limited in terms of the tops I’m willing to wear with them. I love these jeans (obviously), but I find myself wearing the same pants much of the time. I have teal, grey, and rust-colored pants in my closet but none of them fit quite right so they are mostly just taking up space right now.

Grey jeans are on my wish list, as are maroon, green, teal, and white. I’ve been on the hunt for great white pants that fit the way I want them too and aren’t too thin! Here is some of my Pinspiration for my pants shopping list:

I love using Pinterest for shopping inspiration because Pinterest shows me outfit ideas and how things I already own might mix and match with a piece that I’m considering. So by the time I get to the point of buying something, I already have a few outfit ideas queued up. What is your favorite way to shop?

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