Floral Prints and Clearance Racks

I believe that taking chances with your style is important. Especially when you have a look you strongly prefer, it can be easy to get stuck in a style rut. And clearance racks can be a great way to kickstart your creativity and your risk-taking side!

Today’s top is off the JCP clearance racks from a few weeks ago. While it combines some elements that I know I love (florals and lace), I wasn’t sure about the shape or the fact that it’s fairly sheer. I tend to overheat easily and therefore typically want to wear as few layers as possible, especially in the summer. But I loved the way that two traditionally soft patterns were made just a touch edgier by the black geometric lines. It gives the shirt a more tailored look and breaks up the print in an interesting way. Plus it was on sale for $10, so I gave it a shot and really like it!

Today I’ve paired it with ankle crop skinny jeans, leopard flats (of course), and a nice bright statement necklace for a playful summer work look. I could definitely see wearing this more casually with shorts and sandals (if I wore shorts), or more professionally with black slacks and a cardigan, or even a full suit. It could also work well with a pencil skirt, either tucked in for a streamlined look with some texture and color, or untucked to add a little romance to a polished look.

So many choices! And all because I like cruising the clearance racks. My mother instilled in me the love of a good deal, plus, the better the deals, the more awesome new things you can add to your closet!

What has been the best deal you’ve ever scored clothes shopping?

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