Pink Shoes and a Lovely Boutique

So many exciting things to share today, not the least of which are these lovely hot pink flats. Too much fun! I have also discovered a lovely boutique that recently opened in my town and have a new cardigan and necklace to show off.

First, the shoes! I mentioned putting a pair of hot pink pumps back on the shelf at the store a few weeks ago, but when I saw these lovelies on (for $15), I couldn’t resist. They happen to be the exact same shoe as my favorite leopard flats, so I knew I would love them. They add such a nice, bright summery splash of color.

In today’s outfit I have two bright accessories, with a floral kimono wrap to tie the colors together, all over a basic black dress. The necklace is a layered necklace (three chains, one clasp), and comes from what may be my new favorite boutique, Cali & Chance. (More on that below.) The dress I’m wearing is actually a ponte shift dress with a lot of structure, but by pairing it with the floaty shape of the wrap and the trendy tassel, it becomes more fun than formal.

This dress feels very natural worn with a blazer or conservative cardigan, but it also works really well when paired with more relaxed items like a kimono wrap and tassels. Just another example of how you can use your shoes and accessories to really dress up or dress down an outfit. The next time you dismiss one of your usual outfits as “too formal” or “too casual,” take a minute to think about how you can change the tone of your look with some different or unexpected accessories.

So about my new items! While some boutiques can run to the high end of what I’m willing to pay, I picked up this great gold and turquoise tassel necklace for $15, and an amazing cream-colored cardigan for $35. My only disappointment is that I likely won’t get to wear the cardigan until it cools off in a few months. But I’ve styled it for fall below, just so you can see what I’m excited about!

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