Mixing Prints and Layering Up

Despite the fact that it will be 90 here today, inside my office it’s going to be about 42. Well, really more like 72, but still significantly chillier than the tropical humidity outside. Because of that, I tend to layer up for work. Starting with a tank or a tshirt, I add blazers or cardigans and sometimes, like today, a scarf.

I love the pale mint and soft florals of this scarf. They really soften the bold stripe and bright mustard yellow of the rest of my outfit. I’ve cuffed my grey jeans, which gives them a more casual look that I’ve dressed up with white heeled sandals. You could absolutely dress it down with a pair of cute flip flops or gladiator sandals for a great look for cool summer nights!

I’ve also added my favorite pendant necklace (the pocket watch) so that if I do get too warm at work and want to take off the scarf, I still have an accessory on. As someone who both overheats easily and hates being cold, it’s a delicate balancing act! You could also absolutely wear a necklace that is covered entirely by the scarf, if what you want it for is primarily as a backup accessory.

What is your favorite way to manage drastically different temperatures at work?

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