Dressing Up a T-Shirt

This is one of my favorite styles to wear. It’s easy jeans and a t-shirt, but by adding a blazer and heels, you can really elevate the whole look. I’m also a big fan of elephants, so this shirt wins extra points from me!

The black blazer was the first ponte blazer I ever bought. For those unfamiliar with the term, ponte is basically a thicker jersey-like fabric, so it is still flexible and comfy, but has a little bit more thickness and structure. For a great rundown of what ponte is, check out this post at Already Pretty. After the black one (from JCP), I also acquired a teal one (Nordstrom Rack), a navy one (also JCP), and most recently a blush one (H&M). Target also tends to have a couple in their fall assortment if you’re looking to try one out.

Putting a blazer and nude heels with a tshirt and jeans is the perfect way to make something casual work or date night appropriate.

What is your favorite day-to-evening look?

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