Hi-Low Skirts and Heeled Sandals

Have you ever gotten something and immediately thought, “I never realized how much I need this in my life.”? That’s how I feel about these white heeled sandals. Open-toed heels were definitely missing from my wardrobe, as were white shoes. Which might mean that I wasn’t feeling the pain of not having them, or apparently, that I just didn’t know how great it would be to have a pair. I’ve worn these twice in the last few days!

This black and cream hi-low dress is wonderfully versatile (like many things in my closet). I’m wearing it a bit more dressed up today for work, and in nice flats this is still work appropriate. If your workplace is a little more strict than mine, a light sweater and some more conservative shoes would do the trick. For a cool outfit on a hot weekend, a nice pendant necklace, a colorful belt, and sandals. And even into the fall, wearing this with a sweater and tall boots, or leggings/tights and heels. I do want to note that the black tie belt did not come as part of the dress, it was something I stole from another dress in my closet. I highly encourage you to use that trick yourself!

This dress does a couple of things that I find counter-intuitive, but work really well. First, the straps are a bit wider, which actually makes my shoulders seem smaller (a plus for me). Second, the blousing above the waistband emphasizes the smallness of the waist, particularly with a belt in a very visible color. The effect isn’t as drastic without the belt, though this dress does have an elastic waistband, or with a belt in the same print as the material.

What is your favorite go-to summer outfit! I feel like this dress might become mine…

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