Kimono Tops and Fringe

Remember those kimono wrap tops I was talking about the other day? This one is fairly opinionated, so if you’re dipping your toes into kimono wraps, maybe you want to try something light and fun and floral first. But I just got this top (clearance rack score!) and I love it.

This top has the kimono wrap style and nice elegant draping I talked about before. It also has a print that feels just slightly Eastern to me, so I once again feel a little exotic wearing it. Some of the more opinionated bits: the fringe! This is the first thing I’ve bought with fringe on it. I tend to avoid fringe as a general rule and I actually bought this in spite of that particular feature, but I don’t hate it. See the nice navy blue edging on this top? That goes all the way around the edge, forming a circle, which is what is giving it that gathered, bunching shape at the sides.

If you are self conscious about your hips, or are uncomfortable putting most of the weight of your outfit up top, this is probably not a style you want to take on. However, I do want to point out that if you have a more “apple” body shape, this type of wrap is actually great. Yes, it pulls a lot of focus up top, but the way the wrap floats away from your body camouflages the exact lines of your waist, and when combined with the bold line created by that navy band, creates the illusion of a longer, leaner top half. Plus, with that body shape you’ve likely got some nice legs to show off!
On a side note, these simple white sandals are on sale at Target right now, I picked mine up at my local store for $16, so if you’ve been looking for a pair of white summer heeled sandals, run on over there!

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