Mix and Match: Pencil Skirt Redux

You guys have seen two pencil skirt outfits so far, the navy striped pencil skirt and the teal floral pencil skirt. Today I’m doing a little swap with the top of one outfit and the bottom of another.

As when I wore this top with the floral pencil skirt, the way the top falls disguises my stomach. I think I actually might like this look a little better in person because the skirt is narrower at the bottom, but I think the floral skirt looks a bit better in photos. My accessories are different, but in the same white-and-gold style. And then I went with leopard flats instead of the nude heels this time for a slightly more walkable outfit on a day I expect to be running around quite a bit.

It’s easy to create a brand new outfit just by swapping one part of it for another piece with the same shape. By changing out the floral skirt for the navy striped one, I have a look with the same silhouette (which I like), but I don’t feel like I’m repeating an outfit. The fact that this top is so versatile really helps. I can wear this tunic-style with leggings, half-tucked into jeans, or over a pencil skirt. Any time you can find a piece with that much range, it’s definitely a keeper!

What is your favorite versatile piece?

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