Leggings in Summer and Tasseled Sandals

It had never occurred to me to wear leggings in the summer. These “festival” tasseled sandals were just begging for a fun colored pant and as I was bemoaning my lack of red pants, my eye fell on my red leggings, neatly folded and patiently waiting for the weather to turn chilly again.

When I started wearing leggings, it was mostly as a substitute for tights – under dresses, typically when it is cold out. Then I found a couple of great pairs of thick, fleece-lined leggings and started wearing them instead of skinny jeans with a long sweater and boots. Most recently. I’ve started wearing leggings with long tunic tops. If you’re not used to wearing leggings, this is a good progression of outfits to help you ease into it and feel out your comfort level.

Red leggings plus a tunic-style top with rolled sleeves and a white cami underneath feels cool and breezy, even though I’m mostly covered up. I don’t think I would wear this to spend the whole day outside in the heat, but with a cooler morning and most of my day popping in and out of the air conditioning, I will definitely be cool enough.

The shoes are the star of the outfit here. For me, they were a way to incorporate something fun and trendy (tassels and tribal print) in a way that is inexpensive (under $30) and not over the top. I’ve been resisting for years, but tassels might be growing on me!

I did choose not to go with a necklace today, instead decking out both wrists with my go-to watch and a couple of bracelets.

What do you think? Would you wear leggings in summertime?

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