Make It Work: Floral Pencil Skirt

When this fun floral pencil skirt first arrived, I was so excited to try it on and then so disappointed when I did. I had been hoping it would be a little tighter in the waist and a little narrower around the knee. It just didn’t do what I wanted it to. But I got a great deal on it and the print is so fun (reminiscent of a certain pair of shoes, perhaps?) that rather than return it, I put it on the shelf for a rainy day.

Voila! Today is rainy indeed. When I got dressed this morning I actually started with the top, but when I went to put on a pair of jeans, I realized I could do the same type of tuck with this shirt that I did here. The shirt is not quite a tunic length, but definitely hits at the hips, making it ideal for a blousy tuck in a high-waisted skirt.
Because the skirt is so bold, I went with a simple nude heel and a gold-and-pearl tassel pendant. I always try to wear a simpler necklace with this top because it has so much great detailing at the neckline and across the collarbone and I don’t want to take away from that.

I was a little nervous to wear a stretchy pencil skirt without the safety net of a long cardigan in case I got self-conscious of the fit, but the slightly looser for that I previously lamented actually works in my favor there. While I wanted a tighter waistband to cinch my waist in more, the fitted-but-not-tight skirt is a little more forgiving of bumps and such.

There is a difference between “I really WANT this thing to work, but it doesn’t,” and “I know that this thing will work, I just haven’t figured out how yet.” I know that I like pencil skirts because I have two that I love. This skirt does fit, it was just a slightly different fit than I expected and so I needed to reevaluate how I was going to wear it. I have had numerous pieces that I ordered online of even tried on in the store that just didn’t quite fit right, no matter how much I tugged or rearranged or put on shape wear. One of the things that I had a hard time accepting was that not all styles will work for all women. There are certain styles out there that I really admire that just don’t look the same on my body as they do in the pictures I drool over. So I use those photos as inspiration to create a similar look that does work for me.

Take the look below. I love how sleek she looks in this outfit and how the simplicity of her shirt and shoes showcase her skirt. But I wouldn’t be comfortable with my whole outfit being this fitted because my stomach isn’t that flat! However, by tucking just the bottom hem of a blouse into the waistband of my skirt, the volume of the shirt actually makes my stomach look smaller, and I can achieve a similar look.

All in all I’m really excited to have found a way to wear this fun skirt. What are the pieces that you struggle to find the right way to wear?

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