Mint Flats and Circle Skirts

It’s day 2 of my meetings so while I’m keeping my look more dressed up, I decided to go with something a little less corporate than yesterday. I knew I wanted to wear this dress, then really built the rest of the outfit around my necklace.

Initially I was worried about being too “matchy,” with both my shoes and sweater matching the colors of my necklace, but I think it turned out well. What do you guys think? Nicely coordinated, or too matchy for you?

Also, you guys! This dress has pockets! By far my favorite thing to happen to dresses. It’s really nice to have the option to carry around a small lip gloss, a car key, or even some cash without having to carry a purse. And if the things you’re putting in aren’t too heavy, it doesn’t change the line of your skirt at all!

I will also point out that this dress is a really great shape if you are looking to disguise a little bit of tummy. The fitted bodice nicely emphasizes your curves up top (however big or small). Then the defined waistline with the volume of the circle skirt creates a nice balance and makes your waist look smaller. Plus, the gathering of the skirt hides imperfections for waist to hemline! It’s a nice summer choice because it’s cool and fun, but still provides some camouflage.

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