Get professional: blush blazer and statement necklace

Remember how I mentioned that my workplace is casual unless you have to dress for a meeting? Today is one of those days for me, so I’ve traded my usual jeans in for slacks and a blazer.

I am also a huge proponent of wearing a blazer casually, with jeans and a graphic t-shirt, which just goes to show that most pieces are extremely flexible. It’s not the pieces you own, it’s the way you put them together that really determines your look.

I try to avoid looking too cookie cutter professional because I get bored with it. I am wearing black slacks, but I’ve paired them with a blush blazer for a nice summer-professional vibe. And the rest of the pieces of this outfit are really quite fun. This bird and flowers print top is one of my very favorite shirts–it’s colorful, light, and looks great with pretty much every skirt or pair of pants I own. Since my pants are a solid black in a conservative shape, I added leopard print heels with a patent black bow to create a little visual interest in the bottom half of my outfit. And then a very sparkly flower lattice necklace adds a little glam to a buttoned-up look.

This blazer is a recent acquisition. I have been pinning blush blazers for over a year and stumbled upon this one while in H&M. I love that it falls at my hip, and that it’s a stretch knit fabric – really comfortable. I actually wore it twice with the tags on before I officially decided to keep it. I have yet to wear it with anything other than this shirt, but I’m hoping to hit upon some other great combinations soon!

What would you wear with a blush blazer?

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