The Perfect Everyday LBD

While I have been on the hunt for my ideal formal LBD for years, the perfect everyday dress is already in my closet.

This dress rocks for both wearability and flexibility. The soft jersey fabric makes it extremely comfortable and breathable (great for hot summer days), plus it has a tank top strap so I’m comfortable wearing it without a sweater too. It’s also very easy to dress up for work or down for the weekend. I wouldn’t wear it to a black-tie event, but for a business casual workday, it works great.

And honestly, just changing the shoes you wear with an outfit can have a big impact. I’m wearing it above with my fabulous floral heels for work and below with a pair of fun tasseled sandals for weekend.

One of the things that’s a little tough to see in the photos is that this dress has an elastic waist and just a little bit of extra drape on top. The “just a little bit” is key for me. If I add too much volume to my top half, I start to look very top-heavy and also lose the line of my waist entirely. This gives a relaxed look without adding volume to my silhouette.

What is your most flexible dress?

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