The Most Fabulous Shoes Ever

You guys! I love these shoes. Seriously, I feel like a (rookie) shoe model with these on.

I’ve been admiring the really beautiful shoes on some of my favorite bloggers, but my own shoe lineup is fairly basic. Nice, but nothing really outside the box. I decided to visit DSW on my lunch hour yesterday. As always, I headed straight to the back to check out the clearance section. I like to be frugal and rarely pay full price for shoes, bags, accessories, etc. I found a lovely pair of magenta pumps and a fun heeled sandal in a neon coral.

As I was strolling up to the register, I spotted these Vince Camuto stunners and that was it. I tried them on and immediately started strutting and, yes, dancing a little. (There was actual music playing.) That’s how you know you’ve got a good pair of shoes!

I ended up putting the other two bright pairs back because when trying something new, I like to test the waters first and shoes can be a bit of an investment, even from the sale section. If I’m still thinking about them next week, I’ll go back. In the meantime, I’m going to try to figure out how many outfits I can wear these with!

Oh, right. I’m wearing clothes today too. I really wanted the shoes to be the star of my look today, so I paired them with a simple black dress (same dress as this outfit, but a different color), then picked my cardigan and necklace to call out a couple of the colors from the shoes. This outfit really could probably use a little more – a belt at the natural waist, or a pendant necklace. And next time I will put those things with it, but for now I’m just going to go sip a LaCroix and look at my shoes some more…

What is your favorite daring pair of shoes?

3 thoughts on “The Most Fabulous Shoes Ever

  1. I know this is not the point of the post but…

    Yes!! LaCroix!!! I am addicted to that stuff.

    The shoes are fabulous. I’m avoiding heels currently because a) I never leave the house and b) my balance is off (tummy heavy!) but I do have a pair of rainbow plaid Liz Claiborne espadrille wedges I bought a couple summers ago that make me feel like strutting. Sometimes that bright shoe is just what we need! 🙂


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