Mixing Prints: Stripes and Florals

It was a little cooler this morning, breaking our 80s streak, so I took the opportunity to wear a shirt with actual sleeves! I love, love, love this shirt. So much so that when I found it, I bought it in two other colors as well.

There are two things going on with my outfit today – the first is mixing prints. In my opinion, stripes and florals are the two easiest prints to mix. To easily copy this look, grab a striped shirt with a single color, or in a neutral like the one I’m wearing here, and layer a floral scarf in a matching or complimentary color palette over it.

I also wanted to point out that accessories are the easiest way to raise the style level on an outfit. What I’m wearing is essentially a t-shirt and jeans, but by layering on a pendant necklace and a scarf, it looks more thought-out and less thrown-on. Even though it only took an extra 30 seconds to add those two pieces.

So pick out your favorite accessories, keep them right by the mirror where you get dressed in the morning, and you’ll find it a lot easier to quickly elevate your look!

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