OOTD: Pencil Skirts and Taking Chances

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Hello my darlings! I wanted to start today off with a “thank you.” You don’t know it, but you all actually inspired today’s outfit. This actually started out as something completely different, a pink peplum top and jeans. As I was getting dressed this morning I thought of you and decided to try something new and I love it!

The top I’m wearing is from my Old Navy shopping trip and when I bought it, I had every intention of just wearing it casually with jeans and sandals. But when I put on this navy skirt with white stripes, the white top with navy print just felt right. And I love that this lets me mix prints in a quieter way. I tucked the bottom hem of the shirt into the waistband of the skirt, but only in the front which helps create that nice soft drape. The mint shoes and necklace add some fun summer flair.

I would guess that some of you are thinking, “This outfit is all well and good, but I couldn’t wear a pencil skirt because…” And before you get any further than that, I would like to address a pencil skirt myth. I am very familiar with this, because it was a belief that I held about myself for a long time:

MYTH: You have to have a certain body type in order to wear a pencil skirt well.

My stomach is one of the areas I am most self-conscious about. So pencil skirts always seemed like an item I should stay away from. About a year ago I bought my first pencil skirt, basic black, and immediately fell in love. The one you see here is my second and my third is on it’s way to me now. Here are some of the things that I’m doing here to make sure that my pencil skirt is still flattering on my less-than-perfect body.

Wear It At Your Natural Waist

By wearing the skirt at my natural waist, you see more of a curved shape. If I were to wear this at my hips, I would look like an awkward ice cream cone. Not cute.

Pair It Strategically

I actually have two strategic pairings going on here. My top is tucked in only at the front to create a soft drape, which partially disguises my belly  under there. You’ll also note that I’m wearing a longer cardigan that is a little looser. Which means that you can’t actually see my stomach from the side, you see the line of the cardigan curving down into the skirt.

Pick Your Prints/Colors Carefully

When you choose a pencil skirt, think about how you are going to wear it. Dark colors tend to be more forgiving (especially in a stretch jersey fabric like I’m wearing), and a non-regular print, like a floral, is going to be more forgiving as well. A thicker fabric, or one with lining, will do more to hide and smooth out imperfections.

So there you have it. If you’ve never tried a pencil skirt before because you were worried you couldn’t pull it off, give it a shot! Try it with different tops and find one that helps to compliment your body.

What is your favorite pencil skirt trick?

5 thoughts on “OOTD: Pencil Skirts and Taking Chances

  1. Love that pencil skirt and the surprise of the mint. Would never have thought of that in a million years. I can feel my courage building.


  2. Just bought a peach, maroon, and black striped skirt just like this! Oddly, I’m not for horizontal stripes on me, but I took a chance because I thought of you when I saw it! Only $4.88! Can’t wait to dress it up in the fall!


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