Feathered Skirts and Layered Necklaces

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The teriyaki-splashed skirt from earlier this week has been rescued and is making it’s debut! I didn’t just shop at Old Navy this Memorial Day weekend, I also went to H&M and JCP (more on that later) to make some returns, which turned into exchanges 😉

At H&M I had gotten a really lovely white blazer that just wasn’t right for the way I wanted to wear a blazer. This particular piece was made of an almost chiffon-like fabric and hung like a cardigan. I prefer my blazers to have a little more structure to them because it helps to define (or create the illusion of) a smaller waist. I had been shopping with a friend who convinced me it was awesome, but in the end it just didn’t work for how I wear my clothes.

When I walked into the store to return my blazer, I saw this amazing feather-print skirt (you can get it here in other colors) and knew I would be trying a few things on. This was the only one I loved, so it came with me to the register where I learned a pro tip. If you return something to H&M more than 30 days after you purchase, they will refund your purchase in store credit, but if you make another purchase at the same time and your remaining store credit is $5.00 or less, they will give it to you in cash.

I love that this print walks the line between blush and cream. The feathers are black and maroon so I could wear it with either of those colors. It would also look great with a complementary teal, or even a bright cobalt blue. For today’s outfit I went pretty straightforward with a white tank and black cardigan and black flats. I did wear a half slip under this skirt (be proud, Mom) because it is a very light fabric. I may not have bothered on the weekend, but for a workday look I wanted to play it safe.

Besides the print, it’s the details of this skirt that I love. This asymmetrical hem is done in a style I’ve not seen a ton of. The little ruffle at the waist and the black band, which is actually a grosgrain elastic, are quite delightful. In all this skirt was a bit of a departure from what I would normally pick up, but I loved the print and all the special details.

Here are a few other pieces in the same print. Which one would you pick to wear?

Dress / Button tank / Cami / Blouse

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