Summer is Coming: Memorial Day at Old Navy


Summer may, in fact, already be here. For a few days at a time at least. In honor of the change in seasons (and due in part to the fact that I have a pretty limited summer wardrobe), I hit Old Navy’s Memorial Day sale this weekend.

In order to give you guys a first peek at what my personal style looks like, I wanted to share my haul (and celebrate some great deals!) here’s what I got.

I love all five of these tops equally and differently. While I am a huge proponent of sticking with what works, I also try to mix things up so I have different patterns and silhouettes in my closet. You can see that none of these tops cling to me, they all mostly float away from my stomach, but they still show that I have a nice shape without giving away all my secrets! At the same time, they all have different patterns and necklines, so they don’t look like the same shirt x5.

And summer is a great time to try out new colors! This orange top is a lot bolder than I would usually wear, but I couldn’t resist the dandelion fluff pattern.

This dress is probably the most out of character for me, but it’s the thing I am most excited about! And it’s a size smaller than my usual size! More on that tomorrow, but I’m really excited to pair this with a cardigan and pointy toed flats for work, or just throw it on with my fav sparkly flip flops and a necklace for weekend brunch dates, shopping trips, or date nights.

Where are you doing your shopping for the summer months?

3 thoughts on “Summer is Coming: Memorial Day at Old Navy

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