Outfit Of The Day: Leopard In Summer


Friends! It’s my first outfit of the day post. I can’t promise to post one every day, but I’ll do my best to share the good stuff with you. Also, thank you in advance for your patience as I try to figure out how to take good pictures of myself!

Today’s outfit actually started out as something completely different. I went on a shopping spree this weekend (more on that here) and was wearing one of my new pieces, then proceeded to splash teriyaki sauce on it this morning. So with 10 minutes left to get out the door, I ran back upstairs and threw on this little number.

The dress is so summery and has a great shape for me. I am more hourglassy than anything, so a fitted bodice to the natural waist and a circle skirt are pretty much ideal. The rust colored cardigan sets off the blue in the print nicely and the shorter length and closer fit serve to keep the nice shape the dress gives while covering my shoulders for work. The elephant necklace is one of my favorite go-to pieces of jewelry. It gives a nice focal point to the middle of my outfit and helps to break up what could otherwise have been a giant block of print.

Leopard print flats are one of my favorite types of shoes to throw on. (I have 2 pairs of leopard print flats and one pair of heels). Jenna Lyons has said, “As far as I’m concerned leopard is a neutral.” I agree completely. You can wear leopard with almost anything, especially if it is an accent (shoes, scarf, belt). It adds depth and texture to your look, and you can wear it all year long!

Do you have a favorite go to accessory? What is is?

2 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day: Leopard In Summer

    • Yes to both!

      As far as a mature woman wearing leopard, you absolutely can. Part of pulling off any outfit at any age is your attitude and how comfortable you feel in it. If you’re concerned about adding too much leopard print then flats, a belt, or a scarf are a great way to add a little leopard to your outfit without it feeling overwhelming.

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