Leggings in Summer and Tasseled Sandals

It had never occurred to me to wear leggings in the summer. These “festival” tasseled sandals were just begging for a fun colored pant and as I was bemoaning my lack of red pants, my eye fell on my red leggings, neatly folded and patiently waiting for the weather to turn chilly again.

Easy and Breezy: Floaty Tanks and Leopard Flats

With yet another 90+ day ahead of us, I wanted today’s outfit to be as cool as possible. I could have gone with a skirt, but I know that I have a lot of things I need to buckle down and get done at work today, and for some reason I decided that would beContinue reading “Easy and Breezy: Floaty Tanks and Leopard Flats”

Mixing Prints: Stripes and Florals

It was a little cooler this morning, breaking our 80s streak, so I took the opportunity to wear a shirt with actual sleeves! I love, love, love this shirt. So much so that when I found it, I bought it in two other colors as well. There are two things going on with my outfitContinue reading “Mixing Prints: Stripes and Florals”

OOTD: Pencil Skirts and Taking Chances

Hello my darlings! I wanted to start today off with a “thank you.” You don’t know it, but you all actually inspired today’s outfit. This actually started out as something completely different, a pink peplum top and jeans. As I was getting dressed this morning I thought of you and decided to try something newContinue reading “OOTD: Pencil Skirts and Taking Chances”