Welcome to Effortlessly Dressed

Guys, I’m pretty average. Average height, average size (well, getting there), average clothing budget, average fashion sense. But I LOVE clothes and accessories. I love to shop, I love to look nice. And I like to do it on a reasonable to low budget and in a fairly simple way. And it occurred to me that there are probably a lot of women out there who are looking to do something similar. You won’t find a lot of neons or crazy tends here. I like color, and I like to experiment, but generally my style is fairly low key.

What you will find is my advice, thoughts, challenges and successes with my own closet. There are people of all stripes out there, and whether you love clothes the way I do, want to know how to get more out of your closet, are looking for inspiration, or just want someone to tell you some easy ways to put together great outfits, I hope you find that here.

The irony of the blog’s name is that getting dressed isn’t effortless at all. It requires time, thought, and money. But with a sense of your own style, some strategic planning, and a relatively small investment in your closet you can at least look like your style is effortless!

I hope you get some good ideas, and if you ever want to discuss anything I’ve posted please reach out! I love talking clothes with like-minded folks.

xo, Kay

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Effortlessly Dressed

  1. So excited to see this kind of blog. Can’t wait for more! Looks like it is going to be a go-to site to help figure out my closet.


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